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Sometimes I make me laugh, sometimes TV doesn't

First off, gah! This month's LJ header image is horrible. These images are such a crapshoot, seems like easily 50% of them are eye-blindingly bad. Anyone know if there's a way to turn them off?

On to the post! Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. For how long have I been bitching about not enough RP, now I'm annoyed I have too much! Ha ha, there's just no making me happy. :P I'm so silly! I don't have the RP stamina I used to, so when scenes go on for hours and hours, I get tired. My new guild rocks so much, they have RP events all the time (Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday of this week!), plus tons of random RP, I'm wearing myself out.

In non-funny stuff, didn't the news used to warn before showing gory pictures? I didn't exercise this morning (bad me), so I had the news on. I glanced over at word of a bombing, only to be greeted with images of pools of blood in the street. No bodies or body parts thankfully, but seriously, I had ZERO desire to see all that blood. Real blood, not movie blood, blood from someone who likely died in pain. Before 7 AM. Ugh.

It's for similar reasons that I boggle at people wanting to see photos of Bin Laden after he was shot in the head. Seriously? You want to see that? Blood, gore, likely brain matter? Just the idea of seeing such a thing makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm hours late on eating my breakfast, and yet I still don't feel like eating it.

Edit: Eeeeee! Have some flower kittens!
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