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Continuing my trend of posting about minor things...

I've never had jerky before. I've considered it many times (I do like meat, and I do need snacks), but it always seems like an odd thing. Dried meat? So I finally bought a package. Teriyaki flavored, since I love that.

It sat on my counter for weeks. I'd get hungry and eye it, then lose my nerve and not try it.

Tonight's RP involves jerky, so I decided what better time.

It's... not totally horrible, though I have zero desire to eat any more of it. It IS odd and strange and all that. Dried meat is odd. It wasn't bad enough that I spit out the bite I had, but though I hate to waste food, I'm not going to eat the rest.

It's a shame I don't like it more, the calories are really low. 80 calories for a third of the bag, and I don't think I could eat that much in one sitting. Wow, you need to finish the bag in three days of opening it.

Edit: Oh, but speaking of food! I love greek yogurt! It took eating it many, many mornings, but I really like it now and totally understand the dessert comments -- it's so thick and creamy! It doesn't taste sour to me hardly at all anymore.
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