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I should have waited to post my previous post so I could add the Glee stuff in. Sorry for two in a row!

I knew about the death going in. Not who was dying (other than female and "fan favorite"), but that someone would this week. Jean and Becky were the two fandom guesses, and as we saw Becky off the bat...

I didn't like them just dropping the death out of the blue, but I wonder how it played to people who didn't know about it going in?

Loved Santana's song. Kurt's did less than nothing for me. Hated Mercedes's. Rachel's may have been sung well, but like Mercedes's, not a style I enjoy.

The whole death thing is so confusing, it's hard to take it seriously after Sue had tortured students (literally! threatening to pull teeth out to get information!) and nothing happened to her, how are we supposed to take her serious now?

That being said, I'm tearing up. The Willy Wonka song is really well done. (Oh and well hell. I just realized this is almost the exact minute I took my poor old cat to the vet to be put to sleep. I hate so much that Glee is the marker for that. Way too easy to remember.)

The Sue/Becky hug was the best.

If Sue is back to her old self next week, I'm going to be pissed.

PS: I really, really like Silk. So yummy! So not milk!
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