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Cats and zombies!

While this zombie kitten video IS highly cute, I wouldn't be reposting it if not for the clever choice in music:

They used the theme from The Walking Dead, the best zombie end-of-the-world show ever on TV! (And man, I can't wait for the next season to start!) Credit to achika_soladia for the video link!

In other cat-related news, while I hate Twitter, there's a Game of Thrones newsfeed that gathers all the ep-related tweets from the night and reposts them. Those I'm willing to read. Best one of the last ep?

@TNRLM: My cat was mesmerized my Arya chasing cats on #GameOfThrones. This show really does hit all demographics.


My RL cat continues to not like Glee. I think all the singing bothers her (probably sounds like yowling or screaming). She'll sit there, staring at the TV, then when someone starts to sing her ears will slllloooowly pin backwards, then she runs off. She watches a lot of TV, but Glee is the only show that sends her running.
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