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Alliance vs. Horde (WoW)

Multipurpose subject line!

First off, I've found the most amusing line of videos: Alliance vs. Horde ! They're spoofs of those Mac vs PC ads (which I also loved to death but seem to be gone). There are nine of them on Youtube. It's hard to pick one, they're all darned good. Here's one at semi-random:

Secondly! The sad day has come: Alliance feels more right to me than Horde. I guess that was inevitable, with me spending all my time on it. Now when I'm on Horde I feel all turned around, like I'm running into the wrong places. Red is bad/caution/danger, right?!

It helps (doesn't help?) that Stormwind is SO SO SO SO much easier to get around in than Org. A different color roof for each district? When everyone flies? So much better than every single damned roof in the city being red and covered in spikes!

Also, many apologies to Greyspell (who doesn't have a LJ so I can't link to him). I kinda hadn't logged Haken in in 10+ days, and I had IC mail to respond to. *cough* It's strange how little I do H-side anymore. Three transmutes on my alchemist, the JC daily if I have the mats on hand or is the sparkly one, and that Thieving Little Pluckers daily (because it's easy money and amuses me). Other than that, just check in on the AH now and then.

I've stopped buying mats for the last remaining product I still sell on the AH, but alas I have a massive amount of it stored up that I still need to move (plus I have a hard time not buying more when it's cheap). It's silly to make more gold though, when it's stuck on that side. I'm semi-pondering moving an alt with half or more to Alliance, but I hate having to pay RL money to do so.
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