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Wow, RP, videos, etc

Continuing the trend of reposting great old videos, remember this one?

The Craft of War. I hadn't seen it in a year or so, but it came up in conversation so I tracked it down. Still the most awesome thing ever.

It's funny, the first time I watched it I thought both main characters were Alliance, I hadn't realized the woman was Horde/belf (I wasn't playing WoW, had quit after just a month or so). Now I know why I love that city/background music so much!

In a very related thing, it's still sad to me that WoW splits the playerbase up into two factions, I'd still rather have it be all PCs vs NPCs. Heck, I wish for that even more now than ever. I went back to Hordeside to make a Vial of the Sands mount for the lovely kaelash, and the AH was full of people flagged for PvP. I had such intense uncertainty in my stomach! Should I be happy they're defending the city? But even more strongly, I worried that whichever Alliance they killed off might have been someone I knew. (And yeah, yeah, silly, death isn't meaningful like that, but that's still what I felt.)

I miss Hordeside. Timing is funny on that -- this weekend we had a giant (100+ people) successful IC event run by our guild. I still don't feel like Alliance though. Will I ever? Do I want to? I wonder how people play both sides. I'm not sure if I'm having trouble with this because I played Horde for years and never ever ever set foot once on Alliance side or if it's something different about me as a person (or maybe both).

I'm RPing by email (sort of) on Haken, so if anyone who has previously RPed with him (or Keen) wants to, poke me in comment and we can set it up.

Dandelion is nearly 80 (needs less than a quarter of a level). My patience for questing ran out a few levels back and I've been doing it through archaeology. I figure if I need to quest for guild rep, I might as well do it at 85 when I get ~75 per quest rather than now when I get ~20 per quest.
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