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Happy HP Morning! (Movie, Story)

Somehow I missed this until now: If you ordered Chamber of Secrets from Amazon, they have a deleted scene up that you can watch! Nothing like starting your work day with a little HP movie. :)

I tried to grab a copy of it so I could put it up on Catlove for people to download, but it seems like you can't. Only a shortcut was downloaded to my computer. Oh well. (It was the scene in the library, where Harry overhears people talking about him killing people.)

Other good news: After overly much struggle, I finally figured out the plot of my next story. While there will be more Peter-abuse (or rather, Scabbers-abuse), it's going to be funny (or should be if I write it well enough). Plus side: It's still going to be about the animals of Hogwarts. Minus side: Again, it'll likely have no sex in it (other than a little "off-camera" implied stuff). That counts as a minus because of the group I'm writing it for. Oh well., or maybe, since the main characters are going to be Crookshanks and Scabbers, no sex is a good thing. :P
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