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Help, WoW folks!

Googling "Naked dungeon run" gives surprisingly work safe results! But not the information I'm hoping for...

While I have only mentioned this in passing and not run it by guild officers yet (Hi Wil!), I'd like to have more information before I make it into some kind of official proposition.

I'd like to arrange a naked guild run of some (dungeon? raid?). Most players will be 85, though not all. The idea is to go in with nothing, no armor, no weapons, (probably no pets?), and you can only wear or use things that drop during the run.

If I can arrange this to be IC, all the better (I have Ideas on how). If it can only be OOC, that's likely fine too.

The biggest issue I have is my lack of personal knowledge on dungeons. I don't do them. Any suggestions on ones that might be fun and won't be an utter cakewalk for naked 85s? Can't be too hard either, the goal here isn't for people to die endlessly.

RP makes things take longer, so if it's IC it should probably be just a plain dungeon.

Are there some that might be in the right level range and are considered fun? Some must be more fun than others, right? What level range should I be looking for, for naked 85s?

Drops are not the goal, though I suppose spiffy mounts or pets would be bonus.

Hmm, if we go in on our own (not through LFD), we won't be limited on numbers if it's a plain dungeon, right?

Thanks! <3
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