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Wow: Fanfic rec, goals met, eeee RP!

It's funny, less than a month ago I was having so little fun on WoW, it had been so long since I had enjoyed the game, I was about to quit. Now? Now everything's completely different. Things couldn't be better, I couldn't be happier.

Funny the difference a guild makes. :D

It's so darned hard to find a good one! I've been in so many. It's kind of scary how easily I could never have found out about this one (I approached a member for random RP). If I had chickened out, if I had fled back to Hordeside, I'd probably be gone from the game by now!

So, OOC Dandelion news first. I hit my goal of honored with the guild, so I was able to buy all sorts of goodies! Heirloom cloaks, guild page, some banner thingie. Plus I have enough rep to help out on guild achievements, too! And best of all: No more questing! I've done more questing on Dandelion than I have on all of my five Horde alts together. Now I'll archaeology and gather and fishing/cooking daily my way to 85.

And RP is eeeee so great and fun! I RP most every day, wonderful RP! It's wonderfully nice to be able to get as much RP as I want. :D

Haken's been on my mind more, too. Writing IC letters more often keeps him alive in my head. The IC mail by email project was a good idea!

And, last but far far far from least, how long has it been since I've made a fanfic rec? I read so little of it nowadays, but when I saw a link to Varian/Garrosh stuff, my interest was caught. I read Addiction first, followed by Anamnesis. Oh god, so hot! Angry sex, MMMMM. These stories push so many of my buttons! Plus Varian makes me all melty every time, mmmm. :D I can't wait to read the rest of what she's written! (Links are NWS, of course. Slash!)

Edit: Maybe it was Submission I started with instead of one of those two! Well, those top two go together, so read Addiction/Anamnesis first or Submission, but read them all! :D
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