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FFXI: Putting ghosts to bed

A FFXI post! After all these years! While it's true I don't think about the game much anymore, IC Thistle from that world is never far from my mind (perhaps in part because his image is my default LJ icon *points!*).

The main reason he won't rest quietly is that his storyline got no end. Not only did it have no ending, it could have gone in two radically different ways. He could have had a "happily ever after" ending, taking care of the Corsair (pirate) children. Or he could have been tortured to death. Unfortunately the latter was a whole lot more likely, but that there was no ending keeps the storyline from fading off into the land of 'finished, can move out of active memory'.

Then achika_soladia told me about Abyssea. Suddenly, after years, an ending appeared! I suspect the few FFXI folks left on my flist already know the secret of what Abyssea really is, but I'll cut it just in case someone doesn't.

So it's an alternate world, right? In it "you" failed to beat CoP and thus the world ended. The Corsairs told Thistle to keep up his contacts with his adventurer friends, to keep doing jobs (missions) with them, so how perfect is this? In Thistle IC land, that alternate world was actually the real world. Thistle failed to beat CoP (and as much as I hated that expansion, that's fitting) and he never returned to the Corsairs. Oh, and the world ended. (How's that for a way to end the Immortal/Corsair war!)

So that's actually a worse ending than being tortured to death, but I like it.

Is there an Al Zahbi Abyssea zone? Or was all of Aht Urhgan left out of that?

Related: Besieged is still the very best idea I've ever run into in any game or MMO. I miss it so much. I remember staying up all night to help fight, skipping work, all that. WoW did similar things (the pre-WotLK in-city fights), but it wasn't even close to how epic Besieged was. (Is Besieged a joke now that the level cap is higher? Or did they adjust mob levels upwards for it? Or does no one care about it anymore?) Just remembering the Besieged music makes me get that excited feeling in my chest/stomach. :D FFXI may have had a whole lot of negative parts, but the ability to inspire emotions? It was the hands-down expert at that. :D
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