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I'm crotchity and crazy!

Sometimes I feel like one of those crotchity old people on a sitcom, the ones who go to war against some story or company. My mortal enemy? Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Like In & Out, Five Guys enjoys a cult following. If you believe the members of either cult, their food is nothing less than manna from heaven.

I don't like either place much.

I had given up on Five Guys. I don't like their burgers. Their fries are outstanding when they're made right, but nine times out of ten they're crap. At $12 for burger/small fries/small drink, it's so very not worth it. When I dared to voice that opinion on a LJ food comm, a number of people told me to try their hot dogs. "Best hot dog ever!" "Best food ever!" "Best thing you'll ever eat!"

I do like hot dogs, so I decided to give them one last chance.

First off: It was $5 for one hot dog. How insane is that? Not for hot dog/fries/drink, $5 for one single hot dog in a crappy cheap bun. How was the hot dog itself? Not good. It was okay enough that I ate it, but I wouldn't come back and order it again even if they offered it for $1. And the fact that it was $11 for one hot dog, crappy fries, and a drink? What a waste!

Goodbye, Five Guys, I shall never be visiting you again.


In crazy news, I think I'm going to get the Professor title on Dandelion. Dandelion is basically a five year old pothead boy in the body of a giant werewolf, so the title would be highly amusing. I've done all of my digging in EK thus far and have 10 rares, so to get 10 more from all the other places shouldn't be much of an issue. (Edit: Got three tonight, so seven more needed.)

I have no other goals left, not even reaching 85 (he's 82 now, 85 will happen when it happens), so working on the title would be something to do.
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