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Speedy Gonzales

Speedy am I. I have the rough draft of Rat Race mostly finished (I just need to get the book when I'm at home and quote some dialogue from it).

I'm a little worried about it being in the first person (I don't like reading those as much as I do third), but that's sort of how it came out. Since Crookshanks is the main character, I wanted to deal with thoughts a lot more than spoken dialogue.

I wouldn't have been stuck with Scabbers if I hadn't been, uh, distracted. (Who could blame me! McGonagall's hot, when she's not bothering being human!) By the time I arrived at the NOONPIC meeting, all the good rats were already picked. It was enough to make me hiss.

NOONPIC, Noble Order Of Not-Plain Intelligent Cats. Don't look at me, I didn't name it. We're part of SMART, Society of Magical Animals, Real and Tame. If you live with people and got anything inside you that makes you more than a plain old animal, you're in. Got some Niffler blood in you? You're in. Got a human form you can use? You got membership.

Most of the animals here at Hogwarts are SMART members.

Now I just need to sit on it a few days, reread it, edit it, all that. I strongly suspect that my conflict isn't enough. (Heck, 'conflict' isn't the right word, but it's been way too long since English classes. The high point in the story, the scene that all the tension works up to. Right before the conclusion.) I'm going to have to look into beefing that up...
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