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WoW dribs and drabs

*points to icon* I commissioned a Dandelion icon, but I didn't post it when it was finished (finished literally three minutes after I posted the details for it...), because it looks more like a generic cartoon dog than a worgen. I did want cute, but... Ah well. One day I'll learn not to jump at $5 commissions. I guess it works as 'cute', even if not as Dandelion.

I decided that when Thistle hits 80 I'll finally move some gold to Alliance. I don't really need it there, but I want a Vial of Sands mount there for Thistle and I can only make it Horde-side. My rocking guild has a number of low level folks, and we often need two-person mounts to help move them to IC events. Plus Thistle needs a good flying mount! Alas it does require level 80, which is still a ways off. Hit 52 today, and once I hit 60 I'm going to switch to leveling through archaeology alone. Might as well have three alts with the Professor title, right? :P

A link from elsewhere lead me to this old WoW trailer:

Someplace I've actually been! I did a few Ulduar dungeons and I think my one and only raid was there too (the weekly one with the vehicles and the robot with the annoying voice). I know I'm beating a dead horse, but even as old as it is, it still seems so much more epic than Cata stuff. I HATE Firelands. I hate that all the armor is on fire. I mean, I know it's silly for me to hate it since it's nothing I'll ever do, but I still miss Northrend so much more.

I'd say it's strange to be so attached to a single expansion, but the same thing happened in FFXI -- for the same reason, too! RP! (I need to make a post about the book I'm currently reading, Toothless, and how it's so very much a mirror of DKs.)

So much RP tonight, eee! For maybe the first half of the evening it was in a style that doesn't match mine at all (half-line/couple word posts coming rapidly), so it was hard to keep up and really draining, but the second half of the night was a much better match for me! It makes me happy that Dandelion is making so many IC ties with different people. :D

Sleepytired now. Farmer's market tomorrow, where hopefully I'll be brave and find some new veggie to try!

Edit: How is Varian such an asshole and yet still the sexiest thing on two legs?
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