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Movie of the week, green beans, WoW

Movie of the week was Megamind. My day was really hectic today, I almost didn't have time to watch it, but I'm really glad I did! I totally loved it. It made me snicker/chuckle multiple times, which is highly rare for a movie. However, it wasn't the movie I thought it was. I thought it was the one where the bad guy ends up with a couple young kids and a bunch of little yellow minions.

Hmm, wonder what next week's movie is! *cheats and checks* Oh, huh, a non-movie. A TV show called Jeremiah. This could be either really good or really bad:

"Over a decade since a mysterious virus completely annihilated Earth's post-pubescent population, heroic survivor Jeremiah (Luke Perry) partners with cynical sidekick Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) in the hopes of locating the magnificent yet potentially mythic Valhalla Sector. Based on Hermann Huppen's graphic novel series, this post-apocalyptic drama follows the partners through inhospitable territories and harrowing ordeals."

I do like that kind of story, so hopefully I'll enjoy it!

Alas I didn't get to roast the green beans today. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow and they'll still be good (they're cut and washed, in a ziplock bag in the fridge). Serious stomach issues kept me from eating much of anything today. I should have gone out and gotten soup, but I was too busy.

WoW was an adventure today. I have such a time with realm/faction changes! The last time I tried to move Crow it took more than 24 hours and a call to Blizz. Today it took only a few hours and a call to Blizz. However, he made it! With his bags packed!

The load Crow carried from Horde to Alliance (I capped off his gold before he moved). A metric crapton of Horde-only pets and recipes. I bought all the lanterns that were on Horde side (1K H side, 4K Alliance!). Oddly the cost of the Argent Tournament pets were the same on either side, generally 4K for them all no matter which pet/faction faction.

Alas I kind of meant to get a second Vial of Sands for him, but somehow forgot. c.c I had a whole list of things to buy/do, but I never wrote that one down. D: Oh well!

All in all, I'm really happy he's moved. He looks so much better now, and Cata greens are cheap enough that he's actually out of his old Northrend/BC stuff. (Everything other than his gun, but it's not like he's going to do anything, I just didn't want the embarrassment of him walking around in such outdated, ugly stuff.)

Edit: And of course I forgot to mention the most important WoW thing. Thistle hit 60. FLYING, woot! Like all other alts, at 58 I stepped into the Outlands, spend three times the amount of time it would take to do two quests, and scurried back to the old world and finished to 60 there.
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