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Toothless (book rec)

The problem with recommending books is how to do so without spoiling.

A related problem is how to write more than "I really liked it, I really, really liked it. You should read it because I really liked it. Did I mention I really, really liked it?"

The book's cover is a bit big, so I'll link it. That's Toothless who, as you can see, lives up to his name. He's also a zombie, though I'd use that label unwillingly and only for lack of a better term. Take everything you know about zombies and toss it out the window. Ha ha! Now when the zombies attack you'll be unprepared! He was dead, he's now "alive". That's all he shares with zombies.

If you're a WoW player, then I can better describe him. He's a death knight. I've said it before, and now that I've finished the book, I still think that. It's a much, much, much better label for him than "zombie".

The world the book takes place in is an interesting mix of RL things. Druids (the traditional ones, not from any MMO). Templar knights/the Crusades. A small helping of supernatural stuff (can I say that when the book is about zombies?). Plus some really nice spiritual stuff.

My timing was bad for reading the book's ending. I finished it right before leaving for work this morning. I would have totally cried over it, except I couldn't because I had to go to work! So I did that thing where you read a couple words, then look away and think of other things, then read a few more... (If you read the ebook version, the percent count is off! I was at 99%, so I hadn't expected that I reached the ending. There is no 100%!)

Need further recommendation? This is one of those books where I didn't want to keep reading because I didn't want it to end. How messed up is that! I loved it, I wanted to read it all NOW NOW NOW, but I had to go slow so it wouldn't be gone and finished forever.

The Amazon link is Toothless, by J.P. Moore. The Toothless page on his website is here. He has a podcast of the entire book up, so you can get a preview if you want. (Edit: Or listen to the whole thing. He has a really nice voice!) The ebook is really cheap through Amazon ($4.99), so hey, great book, discount price! Buy it today!
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