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"the Insane" title should be used more often (WoW)

Sometimes I forget just how diverse the WoW playerbase is. I still tend to picture everyone other than me as a boy in his early teens who cares only about raiding, "leet loot", and screaming at "noobs".

Yesterday I came across a story of a player, a 60+ year old woman. (Edit: correction: She's 58.) Much like me, she doesn't care for what most other WoW players do, she plays for minigames and for finding interesting new ways to do things.

She's the one who has a level 1 character with "the Explorer" title, if you've heard about that one (Döra the Explorer). Can you imagine the effort and time that went into that?

Her latest project has been to level a character from 1-85 without spending a single copper. No flights, no repairs, no buying gear, no training, no mount, spend nothing at all. When I read that, of course my first thought was "Wow, I wonder if that'd be a good way to make money?", then I had to laugh at myself, both because that was my first thought and because man, talk about working hard to make gold!

Still, even though it would be a poor way to make money, it's a really interesting idea. If you're not going to spend money (thus not need the AH), you could hearth anywhere, no need to return to Org/SW on a regular basis. Thankfully you wouldn't be as harmed by not having a mount since you'd generally stay where you were questing. No training though! Questing must have been rough.

In sort of related news, last night my guild did that naked IC raid that I had mentioned a couple weeks back. It was quite fun (group of naked people walking slowly towards a bunch of monsters and then punching/slapping them to death), but the timing was bad for me RL so I had a harder time enjoining it than I would have otherwise had. UBRS (mobs level ~57) was just about right for a bunch of naked mostly 85s (I think 83 me was the only non-85). We had a couple tight spots (after a couple deaths the rogue started saving us OOCly with FoK), but all in all it was amusing.

RP tonight! EEEE! Continuing the scene I was EEEEing over so much earlier this week. :D I've been bouncing all week waiting for it! I just wish I wasn't so tired, this was one bad week for sleep. At least the person I RP with is on the east coast -- RPing with EST people matches my time so much better than west coast folks. My PST hours match up nicely with an EST person working normal work hours.

/babble babble

Edit: Here's a video of highlights of the 1-85 no copper spent person's experience. She played a hunter, but since she couldn't train, had no control of her pet.
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