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One of those times I wish I wasn't so people-phobic....

Pride weekend was this week, yay! And I live less than an hour from San Francisco! All the news reports make me kick myself for not going, but I know how badly I'd flail in crowds that big. At least I got to watch it on the news, I was grinning from ear to ear during every report.

Only bad part of Pride was Chicago Pride Parade Float Tires Slashed In Possible Hate Crime.

Possible? Possible?

I'd like to think that one day all this hate will end, but there are still people out there who hate black people, so... :/

Edit: While I didn't go, at least I had an outstanding night at home. It's been a long time since a RP scene has been so great I was willing to lose sleep over it. Now I'm at that 'exhausted but hyper' stage. Must sleep! :D :D

Edit, next morning: ZZZZZ Why I can never sleep in is beyond me. I'm off today! No need to wake up and stay awake at the time I'd usually get up for work, stupid brain. zzzz
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