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The funniest show not on TV

I have no idea how I missed hearing about this show until now. The Guild is the funniest thing I may have ever seen in my entire life. (However, if you don't know MMOs well or don't play them, you might not agree.) I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud this much!

It was written by and stars Felicia Day, and follows her guild of friends in World of Warcraft an unnamed-for-copyright-purposes MMO. Before watching it, I really hadn't fully understood just how much of its own language MMOs have! But to hear things like "QQ moar" and talk about threat/aggro in a non-game setting? Holy cow, the best thing ever!

I'm currently watching it through Netflix, though you can also find it all on Youtube and its own site (google "the guild" for many viewing options). I'm only up to season three so far, but I'm loving it so endlessly.

From the wiki page on it:

The Guild was inspired and written by Felicia Day, an avid gamer, in between acting roles in several American television shows and movies.[5] After two years of video game addiction, Day decided to make something productive from her experiences and wrote the series as a sitcom television pilot.

It's so clearly written by someone who has played a lot, yes. :D

Edit: Also, Netflix is starting to know me well! It gave The Guild 4.8/5 stars on me liking it!
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