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Professor Thistle (WoW)

Sorry for two posts in a row, didn't expect this second one to happen so fast.

Professor #3. Keen got the title pre-nerf, Dandelion and Thistle post-nerf.

This was Keen's total archaeology projects finished, before he even got the title:

This was Thistle's total once he got the title:

881 finished items without even getting the title pre-nerf, 242 post-nerf title achieved.

Need more proof that archaeology is already way too over-nerfed? I got the professor title without stepping foot into Northrend. (The Nerubian ones came from Eastern Kingdom.) I did this without doing a single high level dig (no TV/Uldum sites at all, not even one dig there). I started at level 60, ended less than 5% into level 81 (and that's with questing and dailies as well).

It just feels so silly-easy now. I can't believe Blizz is intending to nerf it further. That annoys me so very much. What, so people don't like to fly from site to site? Know what? I don't like raiding, but that doesn't mean I can have raiding gear anyway. Some people don't like PvP, so they don't get to have PvP gear. If people don't like archaeology, so be it, then they shouldn't get the generally worthless rewards from it.

And "funny" story. I now have FIVE Headdress of the First Shaman, a purple agi head piece. Thistle is a hunter, I could have used it on him... but I totally forgot that the item existed until he dug one up himself. *facepalm* He could have used that purple himself!

And now I don't know what to do with my WoW time, blah. Even with three professors and three other characters leveled 80-85 through archaeology, I've not gotten the troll sword, so maybe I'll keep digging in EK in hopes of getting it before Thistle hits 85. I don't have the Vial of Sands recipe on Alliance side yet, so I could try for that too... Or I could just hit myself in the head repeatedly with a hammer. One of those three options!
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