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Movie of the week: Happily N'Ever After (And WoW)

I never nap. I can hardly sleep at night, let alone during the daytime. Thus I can say Happily N'Ever After was quite an amazing movie for one reason: It nearly put me to sleep. I mean that quite literally -- I was nodding off, this close to falling asleep. If I hadn't sat up and turned the movie off, I bet I would have actually slept.

It wasn't a horrible, god awful movie. The animation was so very generic that I realized I was enjoying it more when I closed my eyes and just listened to the voice acting. (Somehow the animation took away from the voice acting, I heard so much more with my eyes closed.) But alas, the story was boring enough that with my eyes closed I was falling to sleep.

I gave up 30 minutes into the hour and a half movie.

While I miss being surprised each week with a new movie, I'm having a hard time not checking my queue and setting up what I want to see next.


In WoW, I finally got off my butt and made Haken drop a profession so he could take up alchemy. He was enchanting/inscription, neither of which I had used since leveling both in the early days of Cata (ugh). I flipped a coin and dropped enchanting, which worked out well as he does inscriptions ICly. (Yeah, I know there's currently good money to be made with enchanting, but I have more gold than I'll ever need and so I'm not really willing to put the work into it anymore.)

Usually I level alchemy in less than an hour, but I planned poorly for Haken and totally forgot about the primal mights to get him transmute spec. The AH was out of half the primals I needed, so in the middle of skilling, he had to go farm. ZZZZZ. I sent each set to my current alchemists as I got them, hoping for a transmute proc, but I didn't get even one, he had to farm for all four mights. ZZZZ

But at least now it's done, and he's with the others doing a transmute every day. This has the additional good feature of me logging him on, as I was starting to worry that I might lose his name. (Mail sent to him was timing out, that's how infrequently I was logging him on.)

Haken is alchemist #5. Thistle will be #6 once he hits 85 (and I have the four primal mights for him already!). Now watch Blizz nerf things and suddenly alchemists will be worthless...
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