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Quiz, email, HP stories, Nationstates. In that order.

Stolen from fyrie, it's...

You Are Belle!

What Fucked Up Disney Princess Are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


In other news, I'm annoyed at my ISP... or I would be if I knew what the hell ISP I was with this week. I started with @home, which was fine. was a nice little email address. Then attbi bought out @home, which sucked. had no character and was just plain annoying. I got email today: attbi has just been bought out by comcast. Now I'll be thistle-chaser @ That's pretty sucky, too. I'm just going to switch and make hot-hot-hot-catlove my main address for all personal stuff (though it would be amusing to send a resume out from it...). hot-hot-hot-catlove has character. Lots and lots of messed up character. :)


When I went home for lunch (and boy isn't it hard to come back to work after being home, especially on a Friday) I saw I had email from the HP game auction guy. He says he's mailing it out tomorrow. Yay!


I put a bunch of (well, three) new HP recs up today. Here. Too bad 'The Glory of the Hummingbird' one has such a bad title, it's a rocking story otherwise. (Nope, if you mind that I linked to a story in your LJ and would rather have it not linked or linked to it appearing elsewhere, just say so. You're the first LJ-link I've used; I don't want to violate your privacy if you're intending to use the LJ for personal stuff as well.)


For some unknown reason, I'm still playing Nationstates. I've never seen anyone with this rank before:

Economy: All-Consuming

So that's cool. I also have almost 400 million people.
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