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Hell has finally frozen over... (FFXI)

Chance wandering brought me to the old Curse the Yagudo website, and I poked through a few old blogs there. In lokyst's I found a video of our static's Promyvion-Vahzl run. Man, that looked so exciting! And HARD! So different than WoW. (Could you imagine skill chains in WoW? HA.)

I find I actually kind of... wouldn't mind doing CoP again. I know it's not the same anymore, the level cap for it is gone (it was so funny seeing us all in low level armor! Thistle had no pants! SUBLIGAR GO!). I can't believe I finally have fond memories of CoP. I wish I could go back and do it again as it used to be, with this new positive view on it.

And every time I watch an old FFXI video, I long for the graphics. If I'm not used to WoW being cartoony by now, I don't suppose I ever will be.

I was sitting here thinking, if I wanted to try something hard again I could attempt to raid, but it wouldn't be the same. All these years later, how do I still feel such a connection to FFXI, while WoW I'm all "meh" over?

This is probably just a "grass is always greener" thing. I quit FFXI for a reason (CoP!). FFXI had no in-game RP. Using even a single "addon" in FFXI could get you banned. Blizz holds our hand so nicely through everything, bends over backwards for us... so why do I miss getting smacked around by SE?
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