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Bacon popcorn and more realistic RP

I read a lot about bacon popcorn before attempting it. So many rave reviews on it. The most negative reviews said "it's okay but I like plain better". There may be something wrong with me then, because I hated it. It smelled good while cooking (like bacon!), but it was seriously nasty to eat.

I'm actually glad I didn't like it, because I don't want to have to make bacon just to get bacon fat to use. Plus, I really don't like the idea of eating extra bacon fat...

And on RP, I was thinking while driving home. What if Azeroth were more realistic, more like RL? Shouldn't things that apply to two groups at war RL hold true for the Horde/Alliance war?

We mock RPers who play mixed-race characters, but in truth I think they should be more common...

Especially the last couple weeks, there have been countless news stories about war and rape, about rape being another tool used in war.

Picture a "level 85" (ICly some top of the line fighter) wandering into one of those low level towns with a few low level guards. OOCly, all that person could do would be to kill the guards, but if everything in the game were IC/realistic?

Horde/Alliance troops (PCs) aren't like US soldiers for the most part, I'd hardly even call them mercenaries. If "terrorist" wasn't currently such a weighted word, I'd use that instead. Brief fights as the opportunity arrives. Rare attacks on the main cities.

Undisciplined as the troops are, and more importantly not seeing the other side as human (er, people), you'd think a lot of such bad stuff would go on. Rapes, homes burnt, low level vendors would have their stuff stolen all the time.

So the point of this is, assuming the races can interbreed (which there is evidence for, yes?) we should actually be seeing more mixed race RP characters. I wonder why they're looked down on so mercilessly? Because they're not common in-game?

Blah, that popcorn gave me a stomach ache.
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