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Movie (Again, HP only. Move along if your eyes are rolling.)

Before I start the main part of the post, I have to note that yes, even I am noticing that I've become rather obsessed with HP foo. I'm considering checking myself into a clinic of some sort, or perhaps just trying to diversify my hobbies a little more. :P


I have the first movie on DVD, so don't ask me why I'm excited to be watching it on cable, but I am! A couple of things I've noted:

* Oliver Wood is a sexy beast. Don't know why I never really looked at him before.

* I love the Quidditch ...uniform? Whatever you call those arm and leg guards they all wear.

* Snape is no where near as attractive as I've built him up in my head.

* The soundtrack really is amazing. I need to get my grubby little paws on a copy.

* Mrs. Norris is the wrong color (black and silver stripes are *not* "dust colored"), but she's still a beautiful cat. Pretty long fur. (Just who do you have inside you, Mrs. Norris? Where do you get your name from?)

* Hagrid must be the most huggable man on the planet. :)

On a very slightly different note, I was looking at eBay again tonight. Might buy all of the books on CD, just so I can listen to them at work. Yes, I got this idea from tersa.
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