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Terra Nova

With 129 icons, you'd think I'd have a more fitting one for this. Dogs love bones which is all that's left of dinosaurs?!

Also, why in the world is LJ endlessly trying to load stuff from Every time LJ won't load, which is sadly frequently, it's always "Transferring data from". Mumble mumble.

Anyway! FOX has been running promos for this Terra Nova show for months now, and every time I see one, I get even more bouncy for the show. It looks like a cross between Avatar (the blue people one) and Jurassic Park. I really, really hope it's good! With all these promos, you'd think it would be a show FOX expects to do well.

And on a totally unrelated note, I need to quit WoW or get active on it or find some project to do on it or something. I sit online for hours doing nothing at all. Finally tonight I wandered SMC looking for random RP, but got only a four-post scene before it ended. Grand total of my RP for the day. Le sigh.

Stupid Facebook. I started loading my LJ icons page before starting this post, to see what my max number of icons I could have is, but it's STILL not loading the page, still waiting on Facebook. Mumble.

Edit: Ha! While looking for dinosaur pictures, I found this. I had totally forgotten about it!
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