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I can post! I can post!

I feel like posting endlessly, now that I can again. Silly LJ, don't go down again!

Random tidbits:

- I had a parakeet named Tidbit. I have no idea why I named it that, but I sure did like that bird. I'd love to have another one sometime, though I love having a cat more.

- I saw a post about this on my friendfriends list: School District Won't Allow Black Valedictorian. I have no idea if the story is true or not (though that it happened in Arkansas makes me lean towards 'Duh...') because I stopped reading at this point:

"Although the high school is predominantly white, 46 percent of students are African-American."

...wait, what? If 46% of the students are black, then no it's not predominantly white. o.O White students have a slight majority. Words have meaning, people! (Edit: Now I'm questioning myself, and google/online dictionaries aren't clear and don't agree. Some say that a simple majority = predominant. I always thought it meant a vast majority, a large majority, not a 'by the skin of your teeth majority'. Am I wrong?)

- I have no idea what, if anything, has suddenly changed about Sealed Vial of Poison (I can find no mention of anything changing), but suddenly they're selling like hotcakes. All those that I went into Cata with?

They're finally selling! Woot! I started selling them at 100 gold and have been going up from there. Only a dozen or so left, sadly.

- I'm waiting to hear from a GM about getting a name freed. Dogcatcher was slightly amusing at first, but now it makes me mumble. There's a level 1 with a much nicer name, so I entered a ticket asking for it to be freed. The ticket has been escalated, which was a good sign in all my previous name freeings. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my new Alliance AH mule! I kinda feel the same about the guild name. Team Jacob. It was kind of amusing in the beginning (what with worgens/werewolves all new), but now I'm kind of really meh about it. I'd consider selling it, but I have so much stuff in the bank. Maybe I'll like it more with a worgen wearing it, instead of human Dogcatcher.

Posting posting posting!
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