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Oh look, it's been a week.

Sometimes I post multiple times a day, then sometimes somehow a whole week slips by without a post. In the last week I've written multiple posts in my head, but often I never get them typed out.

A few nights ago I had a bad dream about my dead cat. I used to love dreaming, decades ago I trained myself to remember them every night, and now for the first time I'm starting to regret that. I don't have bad dreams about her ever night, but that they're random is almost worse -- I never know when one is coming. In this latest one I was traveling with her dead body (ugh, why??) in a normal cat carrying case through an airport. A group of guys tried to steal my backpack, and while getting it back the carrying case was stolen. I was crying because what an awful person I was to lose my cat's poor dead body. Then, worse(?), I found it all wrapped up in fabric around her middle. (Man, and just typing this out has me crying again.) I wish my brain would get over this! It's only during, after, or remembering the dreams that makes me upset, I don't cry over it (or honestly think much or relive it) in my day to day life. Stupid brain, please let this go. I know it's not my fault, I did all I could, I spent as much money as was needed, I made the best decisions I could, please let this go.

In less morbid news, I'm leveling a new character in WoW. I hate leveling, I totally didn't intend to, but I got a name freed as a replacement bank alt. The problem with my current bank alt (in addition to the name), is that he's low level, thus paying too much money in vendor prices. If I level him, I can work on rep, get flying, and have extra profession slots! Because yes, I do need alchemist #7.

RP is going okay. I lost all the regulars I used to RP with, which sucks somewhat, but I'm meeting new people and trying go build new circles. It always surprises me (though it shouldn't) that meeting people online can be as hard as doing it RL. Online feels like my "natural" environment, it should be easier to meet people. (Though that all my onlineness is taking place on WoW does make it harder.)

Still not done reading Dance with Dragons, have about 10% left to go. It has good chapters and bad, but that I don't care about one big plot point (the biggest plot in the book) makes things a little more meh for me. I've skimmed two or three chapters so far and every time we come back to this plot I'm tempted to do it again.

Hopefully it won't be another week until I post again! Oh hey, in a few days it will by my 9 year anniversary on LJ.
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