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Russian cats

I'm tempted to make today's Russian cat of the day picture my new desktop wallpaper. It would be replacing my current Russian cat of the day picture (which originally applied to WoW RP way back when).

For folks new to my LJ, ru_cats_daily is one of those cat image of the day comms, but the picture quality is so much higher than most picture of the day sites.

I didn't get to RP last night, which was disappointing but not horrible. I was so exhausted that I probably would have sucked. And today I'm sick yet again. "Stomach troubles". I swear, six days out of seven I'm sick with that kind of thing. I'm starting to wonder if I've grown allergic to some kind of food.

When RL and WoW crosses! I just dealt with a customer named Jérôme. All those alt characters! My first reaction to it was a mental rolling of my eyes, then I laughed at myself because I guess alt characters are okay RL.

Two edits: I (like everyone else?) am not getting comment emails, so sorry on slow replies!

I messed up my Alliance money-making ring by moving Thistle yesterday. Now I have two tailors on Horde! Up and coming Clover will become one, when he is high enough level. Also, I made good and bad gambles on things to move. I brought about 400 cats of various types across to Horde, those are good money. Other Alliance-only stuff actually sells for less on Hordeside, oddly. But the cats should make me a crapton of gold when they eventually all sell (48734701 years from now), so it's all good.

And by way of donnaimmaculata, this is funny but shouldn't be funny but is: Al-Qa'eda bans women from buying suggestively-shaped vegetables. It's amazing how insane religions get. "They even killed female goats because their private parts were not covered and their tails were pointed upward, which they said was haram." Oh those sinful goats!
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