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Well, I guess I'm not a freak... this case, anyway.

All the time I spent not liking Dance with Dragons, I thought there was something wrong with me. My attention span was shot, I didn't remember the first books well enough, for whatever reason I just wasn't able to appreciate a good book anymore. This morning, while looking up something else on Amazon, I decided to glance at the Dance with Dragons page.

*boggle* More bad ratings than good! And the reviews said just what I had said! From the review rated Most Helpful:

"In practical terms, though, [the book's style] comes down to "Delay," "Pointless Stalling," and would be more accurately summed up as "an entire book about multiple characters wandering slowly across the world to approach - but never reach - a place in which something interesting has the potential to happen." "

That review and I agreed that we weren't unhappy we read the book, that a bad GRRM book is still better than average, but it's so nice to have confirmation that it wasn't just me!

To the few people on my flist who haven't read the book yet: I hope this helps set your expectations lower! The less you expect, the more you'll like it.
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