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"Slutwalk" (RL)

I heard a story about this on the news and wanted to post about it here, but googling for further information distracted me from the main topic.

Slutwalk is an annual event where women have a parade in sexy clothing to point out that what one wears never says that rape is okay, that voices speak louder than outfit choice. I was going to write about that, but I got distracted by a very, very important thing:

Why in the world is there no space in "Slutwalk"?

But back on the grammar-annoying subject, a woman could walk down the street naked and of course it wouldn't give a man the right to rape her. I know, I know, some people have such little respect for men that they think that the moment a man sees a short skirt all he can think of is MUST FUCK NOW and he just cannot control himself. Animal-like! Not even people! Our poor, poor menfolk must be protected from seeing such things.

Women not being permitted to wear short skirts is the same thing as jewelry stores not being permitted to put their stuff in window displays -- if people walked by and saw it, why they'd have no control! They'd just snatch it all up! And this, boys and girls, is why jewelry stores, electronic stores, no stores ever have window displays.

It's a wonder we're not all beating each other over the heads with clubs and dragging each other off by their hair as our mates.

...but seriously, what's with the lack of a space? D:
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