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And now for something more typical...

Been a while since I posted something more normal to my LJ, huh?

Bull semen spill causes scare, closes highway in Nashville

While the title is fully true, the story isn't anywhere near as, er, exciting as I had expected it to be.


In other news, RP was meh tonight. At first I blamed it on myself (my usual first step), but I think the other person just wasn't into it. His posts were half the size of mine, and the IC conversation petered out to nothing in no time flat -- one of those really awkward times when it seems neither of you have anything to post.

Twitter RP is going surprisingly well. Meeting lots of new people, and I'm seriously enjoying the character limit on messages. It's like drabbling, I tell you! Real drabbling, a hard 100 words, none of this 88 or 559 word "drabbles". Only downside is it seems busiest during work hours, then in the evening dies off. (Which I guess makes sense, in the evening people are doing real RP.)

I never thought I'd say this, but I really, really love Twitter (how it's being used for the RP project, not how the rest of the world uses it). I LOVE rewording things over and over, trying to get what I want to say out while of course using proper English/grammar/spelling/punctuation. It really, really rocks my socks. It feels like writing a drabble every time, somehow that's so very satisfying to me. THE RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED! LOOK AT ME FOLLOWING THE RULES!

Edit: Holy cow (teehee), I just noticed the official quoted in the semen story: B.J. Doughty. *dies*

Edit 2:I love Penn and Teller so much.

Penn and Teller explain Creationsim

Smart people are so very, very sexy. I heard Penn speaking on NPR the other day, it was so interesting and so enjoyable to listen to.

And one by them on vaccinations! You tell 'em, guys! So amused!
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