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Super, this is great. Thank you all so much . For the parade is never ending.

Thank you, Honda, for my latest musical obsession.

I listen to that over and over and over again, especially the first minute. Makes me want to march and dance at the same time!

In other news, RP eeeee! Five hours tonight, which is more than I've gotten in one sitting in ages! And if that wasn't enough, the IC Twitter RP Project lets me get RP at work! *starry eyes*

And in non-RP-but-still-WoW news, We'll be decreasing the experience needed for levels 71-80 in patch 4.3. So I think I'm going to sit tight on Clover for now. He's 70, and my main goal with him is Dalaran rep, so he can do the dailies there and in SW, but I'm going to sit tight and not bother with archaeology. I hate to delay this, but why do it now when it will take so much less time in 4.3? (Hopefully 4.3 won't be forever away.)

And... I was going to write more than that, but...

Super, this is great
Thank you all so much
For the parade is never ending
Bring it all on
I know you will not let it up
Twirling and flipping
All of the music's playing louder
It's all out of tune
Just turn it up, oh yeah, crank it up
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