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New Desktop Time!

Every few months I change my wallpaper.

Current -- Large, whole desktop, for anyone who wants to see what I look at all day. The MUSHClient window is always open, so I plan the image to start right below it.

The image on the current picture is actually a cropping of this one: Ron looking down at his Viktor Krum figure, the figure looking back up at him. I took Ron totally out and made Viktor somewhat bigger.

This cute picture was the one I replaced with Viktor. It's... semi-work safe. It shows nothing, but implies a little. Two cute fat cartoon men cuddling. It's cuter than that description sounds. I had this one up when my mother came for her visit. I think she didn't much like it. :P

This FFX one (cropped to show just that biggest picture) was the one before that. (Probably not work safe.)
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