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RP at 6 AM? {Yes, please!}

I'm so bouncy, I'm so tired. I ended up getting great RP last night, and it ran right up until my bedtime (luckily I'm west coast! Poor east coasters!). Of course, when I RP right until bedtime, I'm way too bouncy to even think about sleeping. Bounce bounce!

And then this morning RP continued! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the IC RP Twitter Project! And I'm so thankful that Thursdays are weight lifting mornings instead of aerobic exercise mornings, because weights take so much less time. I could barely drag myself away to get ready for work! RP at 6 AM! EEEE! (And continuing now, at work! EEE x2!)

I'm trying so hard not to get attached to this group. More so than other groups, things could go really bad really fast. (It's the TLF group, that Haken had an OOC bad past with.) It's so hard though because EEE RP and eee I like them all (the ones I've met) and eeeee I'm having fun from morning to night! I really worry though, I don't want to ever cause stress for folks or to cause fights for anyone. (I suspect I'm making little sense, so tired!) Basically I just want everyone to keep having fun and no OOC bad stuff to come up!

Concentrating on work time now! <3 everyone!
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