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A very peaceful night (RL, RP)

My subject line joke fails. I wanted to use "A very peeceful night" because I ate peas for the first time and they were the least offensive vegetable by far (I almost, almost but not quite liked them). Alas it's pea and not pee, so 'peaceful' is really no different!

I'll buy peas again, for sure. The texture wasn't horrible, the taste was nearly nonexistent, almost maybe a little sweet. Sweet baby spring peas, or some such. Heh, that actually sounds like a curse. "Sweet baby spring peas! A coyote's in the henhouse!"

But more than peas, it was a peaceful night all the way around. Not just one, but two good RP scenes! Holy cow, am I getting spoiled by all this. It was nice that the RP scenes were outstanding, but I wasn't all EEE EEE EEEE BOUNCE EEE during them -- it really was peaceful. Nice and relaxed.

Work was stupid-busy today, but tomorrow's Friday and hopefully will be better. If nothing else, I have Monday as a vacation day, so yay three day weekend!
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