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Slow Saturday (Movie, WoW, RP)

WoW was slow today. I archaeologied for a while, then took a break for a movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I loved the previous movies to death, all of them, but Stranger Tides did nothing for me. Instead of being all happy and grinning at the end of it, I was just meh. (Though it amused the heck out of me that they pretty much outright said that Jack doesn't like girls. "I've never been that drunk!". And a couple other bits about it as well. Er. As if we had needed confirmation?)

After the movie, quest-hating me spent almost six hours questing. zzz At least it was Northrend stuff, which was cake at 85 and my favorite place ever. Thistle needed shoulders. Do you know how hard it is to find black, DK-looking shoulders when you can wear only cloth, leather, and mail? I spent some time with the model viewer, looking at every shoulder in the game. Out of many hundreds of shoulders, only a small handful were black, and of those most had bright highlights (like silver). Kind of cool that they seem to be reserving black for DKs (or at least plate wearers).

I ended up with two different shoulder options (so many chains of quests!). Not perfect, but maybe good enough. I mean, it makes sense that ICly he couldn't match it perfectly, but I still like it when things look nice.

One of the quests required me to kill death knights ("Death Knight Master") and ghouls. It was totally OOC, but one of those tim...

Oh well man. It took me forever to get my Reins of the Green Protodrake from those stupid eggs, well over a year. Just last week I started buying the eggs again to maybe get pets to sell. I just opened one... fricking reins in it. Mumble.

Anyway! Killing DKs and ghouls was totally OOC, but it still gave me a really uneasy 'This isn't a good idea at all' IC sort of feeling in my stomach, like I might be caught doing it. Heh.

I thought this was going to be a no-RP day, but I ended up catching Grr on Keen. (Wait, that sounds wrong!) I feel really guilty that we don't RP enough. I know it's not 100% my fault, but it's not 100% his, either. There need to be more hours in the day! Or at least more non-working ones.
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