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*Facepalm* (WoW, RL)

I spent hours trying to get a pair of shoulders for Thistle last night, and when done I didn't clean out his inventory, I just logged. Cleaning it out this morning, I saw I had some random green shoulders drop. Wondering if they'd be a good additional option, I checked to see how they looked... They were the same exact model that I had spent so long to get last night. Arg! I wonder when in the night they dropped? I'm going to make myself feel better and assume it was at the end of the night. :P (Edit: !!! They're actually better than the ones I quested for! They're black! Wowhead had no black ones listed! Perfect! WOO!)

-- the ones that took the longest to get. I thought they were the best option I had.
-- OOCly I like these best, though they seem less DK-ish to me so they were just going to be a second option to the above ones.
-- The random green ones! Black! About as close to plate/DK-looking armor as you can get outside of plate, I think. I know it doesn't really look like plate, but ICly Thistle was looking for something that would make his shape look more like the other DKs, not really trying to pass a close inspection, just so he matches better. Symmetry!


I know a few people on my flist are dealing with weight issues, so I wanted to recommend a product. Thomas' Bagel Thins are darned good. I'm the type that any "diet" version of food, any smaller serving, makes me all depressed, like I'm losing out on stuff, that stuff is being taken away from me. I didn't have that feeling at all with these. You get a "whole" bagel for 100 calories! The bread I eat has 120 calories for a single slice, and you get two bagel thins (the top and bottom piece, a "whole" bagel) for 100!

If you've not seen them before, they take a regular bagel and slice it as if to toast it, then slice each half again in the same direction. The top and bottom pieces make up the bagel thin. (I'm sure they make the two middle pieces into bagel chips or something.)

They are thin, but they taste just like a real bagel. They get a little more crispy because of how thin they are, but that's not a bad thing. It doesn't feel like you're missing out at all, they actually almost seem better (less bready). And as an added bonus, I find I put less on them because they're thinner.

I don't eat much bread at home, but these will now be my replacement for everything. A "whole" bagel for less calories than one piece of bread? Win!

Edit: This person is doing free LJ icons again. He tends towards furry stuff, but people also ask him to do true animals or people. I've gotten in on a couple of his free offers, he really does produce the icons. Sometimes it takes a while, but he does hundreds of them, so that's not surprising.
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