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Hawaii Five-oooh, you wanted realism? And WoW raiding!

The new version of this show has quite a following in fandom, but I'm having a very hard time getting into it. My first impression was that it seems like only a typical cop show (though how many of those have a cylon as a team member? Heh!). What's really killing my interest of it is how unrealistic it is. I've only seen the pilot so far, and only the first 30 minutes of it, but so far:

-To "rescue" a team member, they drove a truck into the building, into the room she was in. How in the world could they be sure they wouldn't hit her?

-A high speed chase. Neither of the two cops in the car had their seatbelts on. (This one is nearly a deal-breaker for me. So stupid. So easily fixed!)

-Whenever they're driving and having a conversation, they never ever look at the road! They look at each other for minutes, up at the ceiling, out the side window, but never at the road ahead. ARG.

So often I can't get into these shows because you're not supposed to notice things like that, but it drives me crazy. I'll probably stick with it another ep or two, maybe the storyline will hook me, but as of right now it's very questionable. (Once the ep did end, I found I liked the characters somewhat. I'll probably give it another ep or two and see if it hooks me at all.)


Raiding! In WoW! Who'd have thought I would ever do it? Not current-level stuff, but still! Two quarters of Naxxramas. I only died once (on that floor that shoots death up from the cracks), and only made one seriously stupid mistake (I was too far out of the room and the gate came down between me and the boss *cough*). Strangely, it wasn't really any different than doing an instance (just with more people).

I didn't have recount installed, which is probably for the best otherwise I would die of shame. But bosses died and we rarely did, so good enough I guess. I did have DBM installed, but it never once gave me a single alert, so maybe it needed to be configured or something.

It was really nice doing OOC stuff with the TLF folks. :D Plus I got more RP gear, eee! Thistle just ICly needs to make more money so he can ICly buy it. Right now he's living pretty much hand-to-mouth (he does one or two newbie level starter area quests per day) and he has to pay for his housing and stabling his horse. I can't see there being much left over, so he has to save for each new piece of gear. It'd be nice if he would ICly take up a profession, but he wouldn't really think to do it. Maybe the tauren could have him do some herb-picking task and then offer to keep paying him for them (a fictional daily!).

New characters are so much fun! I have a list as long as my arm of things I want him to do, questions to ask, progress to make. It kills me to go slow, but 1) it's more realistic, and 2) if I run through everything now, then what?

And... it feels funny to talk about this now, since a bunch of them can read this, but I'm so happy I met the TLF folks. Such a fun group of people, OOCly and ICly. :D
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