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A sheep in wolf's clothing (WoW)

I seem to be in a spammy posting period right now. Usually I post once a day at most.

I finally got Thistle's RP gear all set! I spent quite a few hours camping a Northrend rare to get her pants. Yes, Thistle now wears a woman's pants (but boy don't they look good on him!). Now that I have the finished outfit done, I'm eyeing his boots. They don't exactly match, bah.

In which a hunter tries to look like a death knight.

I really don't like his shoulders now, but being restricted to mail/leather/cloth, they're the best I can do. "Black and covered in points" pretty much sums up DK gear, right? It's just too bad they look like leather and not metal.

The colors turned out matching really well. Other than his boots, it's all "black with shades of dark purple and highlights of Northrend blue".

I hate his hair, but it's ICly shorter than even the model, so nothing I could do there. (Well, put a helm on him, but that would likely look worse.)

Man, I can babble on a whole post about how my character looks. How superficial is that! :P

In other news, I didn't do too much today. I did a few hours of archaeology on Clover (he's still 10/20 to Professor, but he now has 3 rare projects in progress). At 78 he's going to start working on Argent Tournament stuff. Since he's Alliance, I can finally get the beautiful white mounts they have access to (unicorn and hippogryph). I'm not looking forward to it, but he's going to be my Alliance AH mule, so a hippo would be a good mount for him (both spiffy and small).
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