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Monday Morning Foo (Code, HP, writing, nummy underaged sexy yum-yums)

In the order listed in the subject line:

Surprisingly, I slept last night. Didn't think it'd happen in a million years. Upon waking, my first thought was of more code I could add to the MUSH to thwart spamming attempts. Yay me! (And yay work for being slow enough that I could sit down and write/test it almost as soon as I walked in this morning.)

Second, the weekly HP 100 word story challenge! Yay! The challenge: "Dead Letters. A character has died, and is permitted to write one last letter (100 words of course) to someone before moving on to the higher (or lower) plane." I suspect I semi-cheated, but better that then "breaking reality". Look

The room is empty, nothing moves. Even the dust is still.

He stands in the doorway, can't force his feet forward, can't make himself enter.

The letter waits over there, on the table.

He can see it even through his tears.


His hands jerk into fists. His mouth twists into a scowl. (Stop trembling! Stop! It does no good!)

(All alone.)

His scarred face falls forward. He's seen the letter already, looking again will do nothing, will change nothing.

(Alone forever.)

He can see the paw print from here.

She's gone.

His beloved cat is dead.

Argus Filch cries.

So, you see, a cat cannot write a letter. Some people who picked a non-human POV wrote an actual letter, but... to me that seemed more wrong than "adjusting" the challenge as needed. Sure, I could have written 100 words describing the pawprint, but likely it would have been boring. Though hm, thinking on it this morning (I wrote the story last night) I wonder if maybe I could have pulled it off just describing the print? 'The outlines smudged, he could imagine her paw on the paper, dragged to one side as [fill-in-the-blank, something happens to her]', something like that... Hm. I like it as-is, but maybe I'll try it again that way if I have time sometime this week.

Also, I'm really understanding the power of people leaving reviews/comments. It's more than just the comment letting you know that people liked it, it's letting you know that someone /read/ it, that you're not just writing things and then tossing them out into space, never to be seen by anyone or heard of ever again.

Ah, Draco is on my Harry Potter picture-of-the-day calendar. Mmm. If only he was many years older...
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