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Quick post: Cooking, movie, WoW

Green beans in the frying pan came out just the same (just as good) as oven roasted. The pan was still too hot when I tossed the garlic in, it browned in the time it took me to pull everything out of the pan, so I'm not sure if it actually helped flavor anything. I think I'll do it in the oven next time, just because it's less labor intensive.

The soy-worcestershire-honey chicken breast still didn't come out very well. (I did forget to salt it, but I figured with the soy it probably didn't matter much.) So far nothing beats pouring a can of cream-of- soup over the top of the breast and baking it. (The cream-of- soup is even okay carbs/calorie-wise, so long as I don't have a starch with dinner.)

Tomorrow is what I'm calling friendslist soup day. I'm making the chicken soup, but with all the comments and advice from you folks, I feel like it's a group effort. But no worries, if it fails, all the blame is on me. ;)

I decided I'm going to watch Fox and the Hound tomorrow. I haven't seen it since I was a kid, but I remember loving it. I also remember it as having a dark ending, which seems like it can't be right (Disney movie), but I remember people disliked it because it wasn't a typical Disney movie, so maybe it really was... (Don't tell me!)

In WoW news, Clover became Professor #... 5? tonight. Four or five. (Old RP joke that no one will get: "Professors are like broken ribs, after the first couple there's no use in counting more". That came from Sly/Greyson RP back on the MUSH! :D Shadow/Greyson long since vanished from LJ though, she's the only one who would have gotten it. Those old jokes still amuse me though!) Anyway, I took screenshots and all that, but meh. Everyone has seen them all before on my other alts.

The good part about being done is that (I had thought) I could stop XPing. He's 81, which is plenty high for anything (I wrongly thought). Since I want Clover to do the Halloween event boss, he'll likely need to be 84 for that, blah.

I suppose the extra Clover time will allow me to do the Argent Tournament dailies with less stress. I just don't wanna, waaaah. He's only going to be an AH mule, but I still want him to have a nice, small mount. ("small" is why he can't have a vial of sands mount.)

Hm, short post got long. Bedtime!
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