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Despite many issues, the soup came out amazing. I wanted to use bay leaves in it, but this morning I discovered I had none. I wanted to use some other common spice, but discovered I didn't have it, either. I substituted "poultry seasoning" and a good deal of salt (I was surprised at how much salt it took, even as big as the pot was). The frozen/roasted veggies were a failure, I think for multiple reasons; I ended up with only nine carrot pieces in the whole pot (which isn't a bad thing as I don't really like carrots).

After it cooked for six hours, I scooped everything out and discovered just how gross it is picking through to get all the meat out. So many little bones, eeew ick eek. I know meat comes from animals, but handling stuff that was clearly "animal" once makes me want to go back to not eating meat. Hamburger? Boneless, skinless chicken breast? Fine. Picking vertebra out of my meat? OH GOD NO NOT FINE AT ALL. D:

The one and only small issue (other than icky bones) is that it's a little greasy for some reason. I had no skin in it, and there was just a little olive oil from browning the garlic. I'm hoping once it cools I can skim it off the top. Which leads to the other sort-of issue: I have no idea how to store it all! My freezer is almost totally full. I had a mug of it just now and that was plenty in a sitting. I hope I have plastic containers to use once it's cool!


Today's movie was The Fox and the Hound. I'm not sure if you can spoil a movie released in 1981, but I'll cut just in case since I talk about the ending.

All in all, I liked the movie a lot. I loved the beginning of it. I liked the first half a whole lot. The second half was mostly pretty good. The ending made me froth.

Picture this: A man attempts to break into your home with a gun to kill your beloved pet. Days later he hurts himself. Do you:

A) Ignore him.
B) Show up at his doorstep to help him with his bandages. While he's bitching at you.

This guy spent the whole darned movie trying to kill her pet! He got hurt trying to kill it! (No, on screen she didn't ask how he got hurt, but wouldn't she have?) Arg! The man is INSANE. Sane people do not attempt to break into your house holding a gun and trying to kill your pets! He shot at her while she was driving, trying to kill her pet hiding behind her! Why was she laughing with him while she was tending the wound he got while trying to kill the pet she loved! ARG! Froth froth!

Anyway. All in all I did like the movie. Other than the ending. Froth.

I paused the movie in the middle for RP! Yay! Keen's much belated Dalaran "date" with Grr. Date in quotes since in most cases sitting across the table from someone is about as close as Keen would willingly get. About as romantic, too. Poor Keen; nice, patient Grr. *pats them both* Keen is especially fun to RP because he's my dress-up character. He's got 30 or so pants and shirts (though not nearly enough boots, belts, and gloves). So much fun!
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