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My soup turned scary! And WoW videos

I decided to warm up yesterday's soup for dinner tonight, but when I took it out of the fridge it was... strange. Instead of moving like fluid in a bowl would, it was like a washing machine: A little in one direction, then a little in the other. D: I know why it happened (though I'd rather not think about it), it was just really freaky! (Once heated up, it was fine and yummy.)

kaelash linked me to some really, really funny videos. I'm so torn as to which ones to link here!

I laughed so much during this one, so even though the video isn't as nice as some of the others, it gets top billing:

The Sands of Uldum has much higher production values and the music is seriously catchy. (Contains a curse, so if listening at work, be sure to use headset. There's a furry joke about 30 seconds in, and though it's marked 'NWS' on the screen, I suspect it's fine... though tasteless.)

Her channel has a ton of videos, I've only listened to a small fraction so far. So very amusing!
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