Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Argent Tournament notes (WoW)

Quick notes on rep, time takes, ease of quests.

It'll take about 22 days from very beginning to the exalted with Silver Covenant (needed for pretty mounts). This is assuming the +10% rep guild bonus. (I have 18 more days to go as of this post.)

The flying mount is 150 marks, and if you take the champ bag each time (each has a mark in it, 100%), you'll get the rep before you have enough mounts (24 short). 7 champ marks per day, with three reward bags taken.

At 82, it takes 30 minutes to do all quests (other than the two 'kill 3 commanders', 'kill 10 scouts and whatever else' jousting ones), long fetch blade one IS included (with rental flight).

Chillmaw is cake at 82 (at least as a hunter). So very nice to solo him.

Dear Thrall,

I was very surprised to see you at the tournament grounds today. Aren't you supposed to be off saving the world?

Much love,
Tags: wow
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