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Filling the Hole

There's a hole left in my day now. Used to be, once I was awake, I'd just start playing FFX. Now... what? Tivo has a ton of stuff for me to watch (three weeks' worth, fancy that!), I'm slowly weeding through it now. I suppose I'll maybe... role-play on the MUSH? Do other assorted MUSH work I've been putting aside for the last three weeks? They seem like "lesser" things now -- I've been eating steak, now I have to go back to McDonald's hamburgers. (For the first time, I understand when guests log on and bitch about the game being text-only. There's a world of beautiful animation out there! Let's add some to the MUSH! ;) )

I'm pondering getting a new game to play (one of the older FFs? That Kingdom Hearts that everyone is talking about?), but I don't know if I should. The last three weeks have been my first real "vacation" from running the MUSH in three years (even though I logged on every day for the usual amounts of time, my heart and mind were elsewhere). I probably shouldn't do it again so soon... though maybe I wouldn't get so obsessed with the next game that I picked.
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