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Ellie update, WoW

I was going to post about work as well, but it's so tricky. Even if I put it behind a cut, I'd have to remember not to check or reply to email comments... maybe this weekend (or maybe the desire to rant will fade by then).

Ellie New Cat has a new behavior. There's a side table to my desk, just barely out of my easy reach when I'm sitting at the computer. She's taken to sitting there, just watching me, out of grabbing range. Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for an hour or two, close but not too close. Progress! I put a fluffy towel down for her, now she becomes a loaf pan cat on it.

It still makes me feel bad when she acts like I'm a horrible cat-eating monster, but every little bit of progress she makes gives me hope.

WoW, on the other hand... I long since quit the warcraftsues comm. I have no need to mock others -- everyone was a new RPer at some point, and even experienced RPers can make mistakes sometimes. I'm fine with however people want to RP. If two people get together and want to RP sparkly werewolf catgirl IT geeks, so long as they keep to themselves, what skin is it off my nose? But putting stuff in a RSP is not "keeping it to themselves".

There I was, happily walking through SMC, when I saw this fellow. Ignoring the fact that he's a DK with a wound that would feel warm if you stuck your fingers into it (WTF), the part about his size... just... seriously WTF. WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK ANYONE WANTS TO THINK ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING ARG. (Probably work safe. One bad word which is part of one sentence describing his... part.)

Other than that, got more RP tonight. It's always a pleasant surprise to get good, random RP. Thistle learned/was reminded of an easy way to get back to Northrend, and some other pieces fell back into place in his mental landscape. (Heh. Progress in fictional characters feels nice, too.)

In gold-news, so close to be back to 500K on Horde side. Damn you, stupid rooster, sell! I've lost all hopes of getting rich off the darned thing; if I make some profit at all, I'll be happy. If I lose money on it, I might... well, I don't know what I might do, other than go back to making gold the slow and steady way.

On Alliance side, I'm like 500 short of 200K, but I'm bringing in almost no money now. I'm not there enough to catch any mats -- attempting to play both faction markets with only one account and working a full time job was a bad idea.

I dream of that stupid rooster moving for 300K, then I could cheat and count both factions together and call myself a WoW millionaire.
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