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Friends List Soup becomes Indifferent Soup

Something strange happened to my wonderful soup from last weekend. I thawed a container of it this weekend and heated up a bowlful for tonight. It wasn't very good. Last weekend it was the best soup I ever had, this weekend it was just meh.

The only guess I have is that this portion had chicken and carrots in it, last weekend's was mostly just broth. The chicken was bland, so maybe it washed out the soup's flavor? I added a pinch of salt and that helped some, but not enough.

In less chicken-flavored news, I had the eeee saddest RP ever today. I've not cried over RP in... I can't remember the last time. And I really didn't want to today! I had plans for after the scene, I was going out! Thistle was teaching a little forsaken girl how to gather herbs, and he was ordered to kill himself once he was done. The girl and Thistle are about as close to friends as either has, and she knew what would happen to him after, so they were forcing themselves to go through the motions of herb gathering. He asked her to take care of the horse he worked so hard to get. Thistle finally made himself walk off, and we ended on her post:

She looks back, hugging a leg of the charger she murmurs, "It's okay, he's just going to sleep." more calming herself than the creature.

She's just so nice to Thistle and it was all so sweet and sad and and... *sniffle*

... Wow, my tag auto complete finally came back! Oh how I've missed you. But why the heck does LJ keep changing me from HTML mode into rich text? >< ...Okay, now this post has lost ALL formatting and is one big wall of text. Grrrr. C'mon, LJ, work with me here. *edits*
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