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A gaggle of videos (videos, RP, Glee)

One funny and one horrible (in a good way).

Apparently this is a new thing. "Bad Lip Reading". Michele Bachmann's campaign ad outtakes. "Jackpot fishy poopy pants!"

To be fair, here's one of Obama:"Let's creep in a large office and make friction after we eat lunch..." The whole site of them is here.

The horrible is great, but horrible eeek! Everyone is watching The Walking Dead, right? Second season starts on the 16th! There's a six ep webisode short story that explains one of the zombies from season one. SO SAD.

Part one. Parts two to six are linked from there. I made an embarrassingly loud noise of surprise twice and covered my head with my arms once. In less than 30 minutes of footage! It always amazes me when this kind of thing is free. Watch it! But not while alone in the dark with zombies.

In RP news, I did my first cross-faction RP tonight! Er, not counting Pembroke stuff (*snugs a worgen*). The guy was really good, I met him through the IC Twitter project. I would have liked to have RPed more, but he had to go and I had another scene waiting for me.

Glee stuff got long, so I'm cutting it.Glee night. This was my favorite ep of the season so far (which isn't saying much, I know). Lots of high points in this ep: Loved the Brittney song. LOVED Mike Chang's stuff, especially his dancing and seeing people in his head. LOVED Chang's mother, loved loved loved her endlessly (*sniffles* So happy!).

The bad Glee stuff was... bad. I found the whole "Asian F" idea mildly offensive. The "joke" that Coach Beiste eats an endless amount of food is so very not funny (big person eating a lot, ha...ha...ha... And the scene where she talks with her mouth full on camera? Seriously?). Why exactly does
Mercedes, a large black woman, have to have a large black man as a boyfriend? Rachel has done so many distasteful things in the series so far that I don't even like seeing her anymore. The whole ginger supremacy thing... gah. "God hears me better on my knees"??

Kurt confuses me. I dislike him greatly when he's alone (no idea when that happened), but Kurt with Blaine? I melt, they're just too sweet together.

Even with all the bad stuff, this may have been my favorite Glee ep ever, based on one scene: Mike Chang and his mother dancing. I don't usually cry! Seriously! Never! Yet the other day I did over RP and this silly scene had me all tearing up. Why can't Glee be like this all the time?!
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