Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Sometimes my brain makes up for all those boring bad dreams

The setting: Song of Ice and Fire. Daenerys (who was actually Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) was moving her people from one of those southern cities to another.

I was some kind of healer who used herbs (from WoW?) and I just poof! appear in that world. Tall grasslands, the train of her people going by. I got put into a small group of other medical people, a doctor (from Star Trek, but he wore a white lab coat) and another healer with herbs from some other theme. A young psychic girl was also with us, but I can't remember what show/movie/book she was from (she'd get visions at random, thus she tended to scream at random).

Suddenly Scourge. WoW's Scourge attacked us, and my section of the train got pinned down in a little village that looked like something hobbits would live in. Us healers got stuck in some tiny building (below the surface), and "luckily" two people died against the outside of the door so we were somewhat out of reach. The other herb-healer got pulled through the little bit the door could open and the psychic girl did as well. I don't know what happened to the Star Trek doctor guy, but I was alone in this underground room, outside I could hear all the screams of people dying to the Scourge.

Then the door started moving, someone forced their way in. I figured I was dead at this point, but it was Starbuck. She had a mouthful of broken teeth, so she grabbed a handful of salt and started chewing it (to fight infection?).

I woke up at that point, unfortunately. Clever brain, Starbuck as Daenerys would have fixed so many of Dance with Dragon's issues! It really was a cool dream though, even things like the grasslands and the Hobbit village were just downright cool.
Tags: book: a dance with dragons, dreams, tv: battlestar galactica
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