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So tired and hungry and BOUNCY EEE BOUNCY YAY

In no special order...

- See that there? Holy cow, what a video. It's called VOLTRON: The End, but do not pass it up just because you don't know what Voltron is! It stars Timothy Omundson of Deadwood and Psych, and it's just wow. (If you really do know nothing of Voltron, five robot lions make one big robot to fight evil in the universe. That's all you need to know.) (Edit: I love his face so much, how he moves his jaw slightly, how much that shows. Watch in highest def for best viewing!) (Edit 2: Huh. It's "a fan film directed by Diggnation co-host and World Of Warcraft expert Alex Albrecht.". Amazing for fan work!)

- Apparently I had my first panic attack overnight. I do hope it doesn't become a habit, as it greatly interrupted my sleep and was somewhat distressing. I have no idea where any extra stress in my life might be coming from, or if those things are just random.

-- EEE RP EEE RP GREAT RP EEEE SO HAPPY AND BOUNCY ANDzzzzzz This is always the strangest thing, where I'm happy and hyper and bouncy and yet bone-deep exhausted as well. Good RP makes me so happy though! When I was a kid, I had a button reading "I love everyone and you're next!", that's how I feel right now. :D

--Lastly, there's something odd going on at the AH. Volatile Life keeps getting listed for 4 gold each. It's rare to see the price as low as 6, and in the teens is more common, so 4 is just like insane. All of my alchemists on Horde (six of them) each already have 500+ Volatiles on them, so they don't need more. But how could I pass up that price? So I keep buying them up and relisting them higher. Then more get listed. Then more. Worse comes to worst, I can just slowly transmute them all, but so many keep getting put up for 4 gold each! It's insane! (We must have a bunch of herb farming bots out there.)

Wow, I'm so tired my face hurts, and it's 9 and I never did get dinner, but still! Eeee! Yay!
Tags: happy happy joy joy, health: panic attack, rp, videos, wow, yay!
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